Heart of Jasper 2023 Quarter 4 Update

Last Updated 1/1/2024

To Our Supporters:

As 2023 comes to a close, we are beyond grateful for the support that we have received throughout the year. We are looking forward to a successful and fun 2024! Here is an update on Quarter 4.

Economic Vitality Projects:

Façade Grant Program

a.      Round 3 of the Façade Grant program closed in February with 14 applications submitted! Seven projects were selected for funding totaling over $176,000 in building improvements. Round 4 of the Façade Grant program is open. Applications are accepted through February 2024. New this year is an emphasis on signage. Heart of Jasper will be installing perpendicular corner signs on the corners of the buildings on the square with logos of the merchants in that section. These signs will enhance visibility of pedestrians and walkers. The remaining funds will be used for façade projects.

 The New Business Incentive

a.      The New Business Incentive will continue through our gracious Genesis 12 Donor. Heart of Jasper is accepting applications for start up or relocating businesses to open in the downtown district. We want to thank the Genesis 12 donor for continuing to bless others with their generous giving!

The 2023 Recipients of the New Business Incentive totaling $81,000:

Oink Inc Smokehouse

Riah Jane & Co

The Playce

The Next Chapter (bookstore and coffee and tea)-is opening in March 2024.

Since January, 10 new businesses opened in the Heart of Jasper and 12 existing businesses relocated into the Heart of Jasper!

 Downtown Jasper Social District

a.      The City adopted a DORA ordinance in October and submitted the ordinance to the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. Heart of Jasper and the City designed the boundary map, the signage and held discussions with the restaurants and merchants. Once approved by the ATC, Heart of Jasper and the City of Jasper will communicate the opening of the social district.

Downtown Jasper Social Trail and Greenspace

a.      Heart of Jasper is in the beginning stages of developing designs for a downtown courtyard and social trail project. We are excited about this project as it is identified as a priority in the City of Jasper Riverfront plan from 2013 and we see the potential and value in connecting the Cultural Center and Main Street-two major hubs in the downtown.

Design Committee:

Astra Alley

a.      Through a partnership with IU, a student in the Architect and Design school, designed the Astra Alleys using an art deco theme, hanging lights, and unique colors. This project was supported by a $10,000 grant from the Indiana Destination Development Corporation. The alley was completed finished on October 13.  

Flower Pots and Christmas Decorations

a.      Green Thumb Garden Center, Jasper Park and Rec crew,  and volunteers from Kimball Electronics removed flowers from the pots along main street and the Square and installed Christmas decorations in the pots on the Square.

Promotion Committee:

Downtown Chowdown

a.      Held the last downtown of 2023 on First Thursday in October.

b.      We began planning 2024 Downtown Chowdown-scheduling food trucks, lining up the band, partnering with the Jasper Public Library on themes for each month.

Celebrate the Square-annual fundraiser held on October 13th.

a.      Sold out at 250 tickets! We had food and drink pairings along with a cash bar, live band, and outdoor games. Tickets were $30. The event was a huge success! We have scheduled the 2024 Fundraiser on October 4th, 2024 and calling it Mingle on Main.

Shop and Sip

a.      We held the final Shop and Sips on the third Wednesday of the Month in November and December. We invited the Jasper Highschool Choir and the Actors Community Theatre to sing Christmas Carols during the event. 15 Merchants stay open until 7:00pm, live music from 5-7pm, Oink Smokehouse does “after hours” from 7-9pm and opens the restaurant and bar. We began planning the 2024 Shop and Sip.

Community Calendars

a.      Monthly community calendars with all downtown events to be found in one place. https://www.heartofjasper.org/calendar/

Organization Committee:

a.      The committee approved investing $25,000 into short term CDs to begin a Maintenance Fund for our public art projects. These CDs were established at German American Bank in September.

b.      The committee began planning for the letter campaign in 2024. Letters will be sent in February.

c.      The 2024 work plans have been finalized and sent to the Board, Advisors, the Redevelopment Commission, the City Council, and Partners.

Looking ahead to 2024! We are planning to host the following events:

Movies on Main-Free Monthly movies at the Astra January-April

Pamper My Princess Party-February 10th 11-2pm

Music on Main-live music on the Square. Saturdays in April and May 11-1pm

Total Eclipse-April 8th

Shop and Sip-3rd Wednesday of the Month May-December

Downtown Chowdown-1st Thursday of the Month April-October

Mingle on Main-annual fundraiser Friday October 4th

More details on the events can be found at https://www.heartofjasper.org/calendar/

We would love to hear your feedback, ideas, and/or questions. Please reach out at any time via email at [email protected] or via phone at 812-661-2881. Stay in touch by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and our website at www.heartofjasper.org.

Thank you for allowing the Heart of Jasper team to work with you!

Kate Schwenk

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