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Come Volunteer With Us!

Heart of Jasper has around 30 volunteers who give their time and energy to the organization. We could not do this work with out them! Some volunteers serve on committees which usually meet monthly for 1 hour and other volunteers want to be contacted on an as needed basis-both are great! Please complete the form and click JOIN if you are interested in learning more.

Design Committee

  • Create an inviting and inclusive atmosphere to downtown through public art, landscaping, creative seating
  • Celebrate Jasper's historic character
  • Foster accessible, people-centered public spaces

Organization Committee

  • Build leadership and strong organizational capacity
  • Ensure broad community engagement
    • Forge partnerships across sectors
      • Fundraising and sponsorship planning

      Promotion Committee

      • Marketing and advertising for the assets in the Heart of Jasper district
      • Plan and organize events
        • Communicate unique features through storytelling
          • Support buy-local experience

          Economic Vitality Committee

            • Build a diverse economic base by understanding the business gaps of the downtown merchants
            • Catalyze smart new investment through incentives and grants
            • Cultivate a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem
            • Fill vacant buildings with Arts, Entertainment, Dining, and Retail shops

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