Genesis 12 Project

Heart of Jasper is proud to sponsor a new project to support
small businesses called the Genesis 12 Project.

'The Genesis 12 Project' is founded on the Biblical principle that "we are blessed SO THAT we will be a blessing to others", recognizing that God has blessed us in numerous ways. The best way to enjoy and celebrate these blessings is to be a blessing to others. The Genesis 12 Project acts upon the belief that individuals should not just count their blessings but rather be the blessing other people count on.                         

 Locally, Jasper is blessed to have great small businesses that serve as a bedrock of the community; providing jobs, services, and vitality to many, all while positively contributing to our hometown culture.  Small businesses may go through difficult periods of struggles, directly impacting families and the communities around them.  We are called to be a blessing where and however we're able; to help change lives and to make a difference.  The Genesis 12 Project was founded to help businesses survive and recover during difficult times and to ensure continued long-term presence and stability in our community.

Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed!

At the beginning of 2021, Heart of Jasper was approached with an opportunity of a lifetime...little did we know what kind of impact this opportunity would have on our downtown! The Heart of Jasper members can't express enough gratitude for the anonymous Genesis 12 Donor. "We are blessed SO THAT we can bless others." Wow! Genesis 12 Donor, you are a blessing to this community and the small business owners.

In 2021,you helped small business survive through COVID by giving $120,000 to 11 downtown businesses. In 2022, you provided Heart of Jasper with the chance to offer a new business incentive to attract new businesses to the downtown. Seven businesses received a total of $117,000 to help start up or relocate. 

You're generosity and gracious giving has made an incredible difference in downtown Jasper and in the lives of the small business owners. We are forever grateful. Thank you for being a blessing to all of us in the Heart of Jasper.


Donation checks can be made out to Heart of Jasper - Please Include "Genesis 12" in Memo Line and mail to our address of

PO Box 29, Jasper, IN 47547-0029

*Heart of Jasper is a sponsor of the Genesis 12 Project; all funds of this project will be kept separate from Heart of Jasper sponsorships.*


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