The first round of the New Business Incentive Program was a huge success! We are blessed to have the partnership with the Genesis 12 Donor. Click below to read the highlights!

2022 New Business Incentive Program

Heart of Jasper and Genesis 12 New Business Incentive

The Heart of Jasper New Business Incentive in coordination with The Genesis 12 Project is a program intended to provide financial assistance for new businesses in the Downtown and Riverfront Areas of Jasper, Indiana. The goal of the program is to stimulate retail growth and attract new businesses.

Grants will be awarded on an upfront lump sum or reimbursement basis, following an application procedure and approval.


  • Intended grant recipients are located in the Heart of Jasper current boundaries.
  • Business type must be home, retail, food or beverage, arts, or entertainment.
  • Applicant must commit to fully participating in downtown events, being open a minimum number of hours, and willingness to create jobs.
  • Businesses that have been open for 1 year or less.
  • New business, relocation, or second locations are eligible to apply.


  • Project eligibility is at the full discretion of the Heart of Jasper and Genesis 12 New Business Incentive Grant Committee.
  • All rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time.
  • Property or properties of the owner must not be delinquent of any property taxes, city liens or fines.
  • Must be a client of the Small Business Development Center.
  • Must participate in Mentor Meetings. Mentors can be provided by Heart of Jasper and Genesis 12 New Business Incentive Grant Committee.
  • Quarterly check-ins with Heart of Jasper and Genesis 12 New Business Incentive Grant Committee to provide update on business status.
  • Review compliance with City of Jasper Community Development Planning Department and Dubois County Health Department for business regulations.

Available Space in Downtown Jasper

If you are looking to start a new business or to expand an existing business, downtown Jasper is great place to plant those roots! Our vibrant, growing historic district has multiple options of available commercial space for your new endeavors. We invite you to join our community!

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